How to Make Paper Claws – Origami Finger Claws

Origami Finger Claws
How to Make Paper Claws – Origami Finger Claws
Designer: Unknow Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids
Halloween is Coming! Another Origami idea for Halloween, you must to fold these claws to decorate your costume, scare your friends or simply scratch your back!
Complexity: Very Easy . Time to fold 5 min each claw . Folded from a white sheet A4 printer paper
Folding Instruction at the end of the page
Video Tutorial by TAVIN Here!

1 - Autor: Tavin’s Origami Instructions
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-10-04

how to make spooky claws only with paper.
Can be used nicly for a halloween costume or just to scratch your back ;-)

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[Major Michael] I’ve invented a second version for this if any body wants to know how you’ll have to use the WHOLE paper.
[Al Rodriguez] i made a sword out of these
[Luca Bodea] Thanks , i typed whit claws. xD
[Gear4Auzaie] i made a sword with dis! using my creativity 
[LadyMeilin] Thank youuu!! This was super making 10!
[Derpy Hooves] No offence but you made this way to co placated I know how to make it way easier than this!
[koşan hamsi] aog dan gelenler
[Sam Pindrock] Even though i have 8 of these i can’t seem to make another 2
[Noor Mohannad] I cant make it
2 - [lena mcleod] thanx bra i was keeeping on messing up bra but thx
[Noor Mohannad] How
[Kofi Agyen] This Wuz Easy For Me.
[Axel Gonzalez] I like your video
[Pan Musztarda] it is very easy and thanks for this video
[Arnold Coleman] this is hard so i dislike it
[Daniel Christopherson] LOL :O
[Ghost Bagger123] Ol 
[BenasTenas LTU] i have monster hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks man
[Animalz Jam] OMG this isn’t hard for me XD thanks so much I got the claws for my both hands!

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