Origami Creeper

1 - Autor: jeremyshaferorigami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2013-06-28

In this video I teach my origami Minecraft Creeper Body and I also demo several Minecraft tools.
This model begins with a 3X1 rectangle. For the How to make a 3X1 rectangle tutorial, click here: http:/ / youtu.be/ clB29YM47OY

Helpful Tip: If you use 8 1/ 2-inch by 11-inch printer paper and you tape 4 sheets together (taping the long sides) you will end up with a 34-inch by 11-inch rectangle. But you need a 33-inch by 11-inch rectangle (3X1), so you'll need to cut off one inch from the length in order to get a 3X1 rectangle.

[adam smart] folding it with posterboard is just like using cardstock
[Swapnil Das] Guys, admit it, Your just jealous that you can't do it and he can. If you can't then don't bother him, okay? he makes tutorial for you guys with extreme hard work. He has to refold that 'complex' model and show it to you guys. And you guys? you just insult him and hurt his feelings. so piss off.
[Jonathan Perek] jeremyshaferorigami I made the flasher Big Bang and almost all of your models in origami to astonish and amuse,origami ohh la la and origami pop ups to amaze and amuse
[Brandon Frazier] how do u do it that is awesome
[adam smart] that huge paper is using alot of trees
[Jonathan Perek] Guys stop swearing/cussing its bad okay guys?
[adam smart] no effence but if you guys arent pationt enough make it while watching tv
[Rayyan Malik] I now you are champion of oragami when you are 29
[AwesomeSauce424] Jeremy can you fold a simple creeper because I have folded the creeper already it was HARD!! But I wanna fold 3 so could you fold a simple on?? Iknow you can do it your the best at origami!!
2 - [Spencer Shin] The paper is so damn huge
[Abdul Ahad Qureshi] You painted the floor a little bit
[Philip Huang] hard
[Alton Chang] Looks very, very, very, very, very hard. I haven't attempted it yet.
[Aimee Esquivel] to hard to do
[Lisa Renwick] Thanks JermyShaferOragami
[Alex Pallares] All I see is about 1/3 of the paper and I can´t see WHAT IS HAPPENING or WHERE DO I FOLD IT
[Никита Климович] jeremy youf very cool
[Menno Muller] What size does the paper for the face need to be to fit the body? As big as a third of the 3x1 for the body? 
[Jonas Walker] Weird guy