Origami Bar Money Envelope

1 - Autor: thebigbluevan
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-11-29

Make a great envelope for giving gifts of money, tickets or even hand-written letters!

[Djordje Djoxi] Is it 8 halfx11 cm or inch?
[Deepak R N] Thanks so much for this. Instructions were very clear and idiot proof. And I should know being quite the idiot in artistic matters.:) Anyway tried it with a piece of recycled gift wrapper and it came out perfect first time. You've helped me out big time for my office secret santa thing where I have to give vouchers to someone.
[Krystal Dao] I made ALL the sizes! Very easy and thank you so much!
[Suhani N Mehta] Just what I need! Thank you so much!
[Eyanah Pollock] Thank you sooo much! This will be just perfect for my brother's 13th birthday! And it was so easy to make!!! :D 
[Aleksandar k] You are A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!!!!!!!
[vic luu] love your tutorial! very creative and easy to make ^^
[marybames] Wonderfully clear directions and easy to follow visual. Thank you! I will be making several as containers for monetary gifts for Christmas. I appreciate your consideration in the lighting, camera angle, and simple vocal guidance. 
[jade campbell] your right the video thinks he sucks
2 - [Ramin Tawab] yay, dont need to buy an envelope anymore!
[Katrina Yujuico] Nice
[Mya Harvin] The reason why I said that was cuz I couldn't make it and
[Toh Zhi Hao] For SG dollar note?
[luis117654321] Like it
[Sweety Maru] i'm so glad i have that kind of paper i breally like how u made the envelope
[Toh Zhi Hao] What's the size of the paper?
[MrJexTG] i Believe one bill is about 15.5 cm in length and 6 cm in width, (i Think so)
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