Origami Jack O’ Lanterna da Tomohiro Tachi

Jack O Lantern Tomohiro Tachi

Origami Jack O’ Lanterna
Designer: Tomohiro Tachi
Cartella e foto: @ Origamikids
Complessità: Intermedio. Tempo di piegare 50 il mio. Piegato da un uno rettangolare arancione origami 38,4 centimetri x 26,4 centimetri
Avere un Halloween divertente piegando la propria zucca di Halloween origami
Come piegare:

Video Tutorial da Jo Nakashima·
Schema CP da Tomohiro Tachi

1 - Autore: Jo Nakashima
Categoria: Howto & Stile
Pubblicato: 2011-10-08

How to make an origami Jack O’ Lanterna, designed by Tomohiro Tachi
Presentato qui da Jo Nakashima con il permesso del creatore

Livello di difficoltà: intermedio

Author’s website/ Flickr/ YouTube:
http:/ / www.tsg.ne.jp/ TT/ origami/
http:/ / www.flickr.com/ photos/ tactom/ 1458852094/
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ tactom

I’m using 38.4cm x 26.4cm color-set paper.
You don’t need a paper that big, you can use a A4 sheet of copy paper. The grid will have a extra line (32 x 22.6 instead of 32 x 22), but you can cut it or simply mountain-fold it.
Letter size can be used too.

Origami paper and copy paper or similar papers works well for this model

I’m using my smartphone with an app called DroidLight to turn the camera LED on.
Probably a small LED attached to a coin battery would be more suitable

My facebook page:
http:/ / www.facebook.com/ JoOrigami

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Distribuito sotto licenza Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0
http:/ / creativecommons.org / licenses / by / 3.0/


[Geelong Cats Highlights] This origami was easy. The only hard one in my opinion was the kade chan one
[Samruddha A] Nizza
[Anna Maria Sokołowska] it’s too hard! :( 
[Filip Ass-Licker] phone with light
[Cyrine Kini] Very neat….
[Samruddha A] I like this lantern
[Nina Matijevic] Incredibile!
[William K. Horton] click on show morethere’s the answer!
[Funlee43] Will printer paper work?
2 - [CRAZYPT22] I’d like to see his whole collection of origami on a big book shelf :P
[NateNAndy Petersen] two words: pause button
[Chase Shelly] I’ll give you tips.1: once you learn the basic waterbombs creases then you can do that to the whole paper. 2: then, all you have to do is be careful with tape.
[TheDishpan174] @rexricci2001 16×11 8×5.5 or 4×2.25
[Dale Brown] like ‘Hi’?
[oso1474] Me aburrí a la mitad del vídeo ¬¬ ya mejor iré ha hacer un barco
[origamikidmaster] If the ratio is 11:16 and printer paper is 8.5:11 the couldn’t you take an inch off of on rapper and put another 8.5 next to it to get16 inches by 11 pollici?
[Ameer Izwan] Do i need to reverse fold every creases that I’ve made??
[KHRxGokudera4] Ok, let me help you understand my joke. If he puts a torch in the paper, the lantern will light up so it will (most likely) catch on to walls or the floor thus making his house burn in fire.
[Karla Chung] i did it!!!! buahahhaha it took me 2 days XS jiji

Origami Zucca Schema CP!
Jack O Lantern Tomohiro Tachi

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