Cómo hacer que el Origami Rose por Jo Nakashima

 Origami Rose

Este vídeo es un tutorial paso a paso sobre cómo hacer el origami se levantó por Jo Nakashima y es el mejor regalo para un ser querido. Dar una rosa que se ha doblado a sí mismo es un gesto de amor puro y devoción.
En el video podrás ver cómo hacer una sola rosa con tallo y hojas. Para que sea un ramo, usted tendrá que hacer varios y atarlos con una cuerda, justo en la base del tallo. Luego envuelva el tallo en papel, y añadir un envoltorio de plástico, así que si prefiere, y usted debe tener su ramo terminado.
En mi opinión personal, esta es una de las rosas más fáciles de hacer, y toma casi ningún esfuerzo o habilidades en origami. También se ve muy hermosa. Diviértete con el proyecto
Obviamente, un papel rojo brillante hermosa va a ser muy eficaz para la rosa, pero para una visión diferente, por qué no probar algunos colores fríos o patrones?
Mi papel: conjunto de colores (cualquier tipo de papel como papel de copia y papel origami funciona bien) 20cm x 20cm (rosa) 4cm x 4 cm (hoja) 4cm x 16cm (tallo) NO Glue

1 - Autor: Jo Nakashima
Categoría: Howto & Estilo
Publicado: 2013-02-14
Palabras clave: empleado:cc = on

Cómo hacer una rosa de origami (Nakashima Rose)
Diseñado por Jo Nakashima (12/ febrero / 2013)
Dedicado a Miyoko Sasaki

Nivel de dificultad: intermedio (sólo un paso complicado)

Ayúdame traducir este vídeo a tu idioma:
Http:/ / goo.gl/ DNjYw

Si usted piensa que la rosa no es muy estable en la parte superior del tallo, probar este:
Http:/ / goo.gl / YrKcR

Véase también algunas grandes ideas con esta rosa:
Http:/ / reloj www.youtube.com/?v = brL5__1SLDE

Mi papel: conjunto de colores (cualquier tipo de papel como papel de copia y papel origami funciona bien)
20cm x 20cm (rosa)
4cm x 4 cm (hoja)
4cm x 16cm (tallo)
NO Glue

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[micuenta97] I read comments that say its impossible or difficult even saying he don´t explain, thats are excuses, if its was easy everybody will do it, thats the beauty on this not everybody can do it, its something special. the barriers are there for see how much you want something, guys you think +Jo Nakashima learn making this in just couple hours? this requires practice and dedication. I love what he do you just keep going :) 
[Sierra Callins] You lost me at 8:45 tried 10 times and nothing
[formal sisi] this thing is impossible!!! >:(
[derukun] Do you need to use cardstock with this? Trying it with actual origami paper and it’s fucking impossible. 8:45 the petals will NOT close along the creases the way it does in the video…
[El Nacho] Would it be weird If I made a bouquet of this and gave this to a girl even though we’re no that close? :c
[LBCvalenz562] I’m planning on making 12 of these for my girlfriend along with a paper vase
[Oscar Walter] friend you just need to explain a little better and put q size sheet of paper is class.
[Pac Gabe] Pain in the ass at first. If you plan on giving one of these to a girl (like I am), then use another piece of paper as practice before you use the sheets that would go together. También, when rolling the stem, it doesn’t hurt to just dab the last part of the paper with a glue stick.
[Max Benkhebab] Gilipollas…
2 - [María Belén] deverias hablar creo yo
[Cngwt96] i died at the pushing everything into the middle part :| 
[Benjamin Wong] I really don’t understand when you push the sides together…. This part is frustrating
[0mik3mik3] After about 2 hours lost staring at the screen, trying to do the 8:45, I finally gave up. That part is made on purely satanic purpose. Paper just beat me :| 
[Marlene Mejorado] I have enjoyed it as you Cant imagine. That patient makes. Perfect. No wonder God said. Patients. Makes perfect. And yes it looks like real and all original. No glue besides. Extercise its always useful in our hands. And mind. By concentration ,focous and stress relief. Thks
[djedamraz1] Ooookaaaaaaaay. Bien, to be honest, when the bending inwards started I didn’t even know what I was doing. I looked at only the first step and prayed to God *that* was how the rest goes. Turns outI did it pretty good. I worked with white paper, and died the rose black. It looks amazing, hope my girlfriend will like it, as I’m making it as a part of a birthday gift. Gracias por el tutorial, it helped a lot. It gets a bit confusing at times, but then again, it has been 6 years since I last did Origami.
[Mike Pitchford] ube.com/feeds/api/videos/wSesWQ-51ZM/comments/z13ptvhgtzvbwdgjm04celrpgsqxudlgrmw0k2014-03-12T05:53:39.000Z2014-03-12T05:53:39.000ZMike Pitchfordhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/cUI463sViwdM7AVGQ7fnmgUCcUI463sViwdM7AVGQ7fnmg1011941021359458258971wSesWQ-51ZM
[Mahfuz Sheikh] I gave up at 7:51 this is WAAAAY TOOOO HARD :/

Cómo hacer que el Origami Rose por Jo Nakashima

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