Origami X-Wing (Star Wars Fighter) by Alex Crosse

origami xwing fighter

Origami is the art of creating objects out of a single square sheet of paper. The purpose of this instruction set is to allow the user to create their own armada of X-Wing star fighters from Star wars. Here are a video tutorial instructions for how to make an origami x-wing described by Alex Crosse. You may never step into the cockpit of your own X-Wing, but you can at least a make a very tiny version with this handy origami tutorial guide.
The X-Wing was originally a stunt craft and was purchased by the Rebel alliance and converted into
star fighters. The distinctive X shape of the X-wing comes from the s-foil wings which can change
positioning: open for increased maneuverability (attack position) or closed for increased speed (cruising
position). The X-wing is an all around good star fighter with high speed, maneuverability, payload
capacity and durability.
This was done using a 15cm-square of thin paper, coloured on one side and white on the other – the x-wing ends up coloured all over. When making folds, try to be as precise as possible, particularly when folding a corner in half! Some of the folds get very thin at the end.

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Published: 2013-03-19

Origami Origami X-Wing (Star fighter)
Designed by Alex Crosse.
This video shows you how to make an origami X-Wing.
www.youtube.com/ iejhcho
종이접기 동영상 X-Wing 접는 방법 동영상


[강예린] 다 영어로 돼 있어서 읽을 수가 없어요. 이거 뭐 접는 건나요
[hieu phamduy] zxcvbnm,./
[cody wong] I made one with paper. Making the base was hard but I like how it looks like. :D 
[David Xie] the second step was hard
[skymod 101] Can you make a diagram?
[Ghast Sniper] Thank you for making such a well done easy to follow video.
[matt dawson] cool lol
[Mo] hay maik
[Aston Martin] 좋아하는 어떤 종이접기 인가


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