Origami F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet by Michael Lafosse

F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet 2

Paper F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet by Michael Lafosse
Folder and Photo: @OrigamiKids
Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 15 min. 30 steps. Folded from one classic Uncut square paper Red and White 22 cm x 22 cm.
Diagrams in “Origami Art” by Michael Lafosse. Pages 127-129
How to fold? At the end of the page

Lafosse’s first origami designs were paper airplanes. and this was the first model Lafosse published as Aero-gami. It was also the first of his models that videotaped to prove the point to Michael that video was a useful tool for teaching origami. This model was first time pulished in 1984 in the Magazine Popular Science, it was photocopies circulated throughout Air Force bases. Today still hear from pilots and Air Force personnel about their experience folding and flying the F-l 4 Aero-gami model

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Published: 2012-02-02

Origami F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet (use a squared paper)
Designed by Michael G. LaFosse.
Origami Videos How to fold an origami F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet.
This video shows you how to make an origami F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet.
youtube.com/ user/ iejhcho
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[iejhcho] Sorry, I have a mistake. I will effort to make easy video. Thank anyway.
[Eduard Scorohod] his mising guns :) )
[ILoveToLoveYouSexy] Cool just made the plane, didn’t turn out super well (the wings are different shapes O.O) but turned out ok.
[tigerlrc] You can’t even make it symmetrical :0
[tapial234] no music,no sound
[Karen Kang] awesome plane
[cholopogi90] 17,638 pieces of paper were thrown during this
[kayrine gittens] Thank you too
[aR Mons] or can you actually give me the paper dimensions
2 - [foxkenji] what is the size of the paper used? and the ratio too. I tried using an American 8.5 inch x 11inch and it did NOT work out. Too long, can’t complete the folds.
[iejhcho] Thank you for comment. Have a nice day.
[llnobbi ll] Try it
[a0987905101] 飛的很順利呢!^.^
[rafalecat] Looks like mig 29
[cholopogi90] square paper not working for me..its not even,i mean the sides arent even
[RobnJake] I’ve made 2 of these and they both fly.
[iejhcho] @ILoveToLoveYouSexy, Use a square paper.
[DennisTanner1] Do it fly
[dobleRR romasanta] very hard

How to fold Here!
Option 1. Recommended by @origamikids
BUY THE BOOK! Diagrams in “Origami Art” by Michael Lafosse. Pages 127-129

Option 2. Video Tutorial by iejhcho

Option 3: Diagrams! Tomorrow

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