How to Make an Paper Swan 3D


In this origami video tutorial you will learn how to make an origami swan. Start cuting 16 sheets of paper A4 in to small rectangles. You need 484 pieces. Take a small rectangle, fold it in half lengthwise and again fold it the other way. Open up the last fold and fold the closed edges from the center down the centerline. Flip it over and fold in the lower corners of the extended pieces. Then fold the extended piece over the top triangle. Now fold the triangle down the center and you have your first triangle. Go ahead and make 483 more triangles. To connect the pieces, put one leg of a triangle in to the pocket of another triangle. Now put one leg of another triangle in to the second pocket of the first triangle. You continue this way and you will have to connect up 60 triangles to form the circular base needed for the first and second levels.

1 - Autor: KleinerChaotBerlin
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-07-15

This Tutorial shows you how to make a Origami Swan from hundreds of pieces of paper…

…It takes a lot of time (It takes most time to fold those little triangles…) – but it’s worth!!

The music is from Annalena…
…someone I know from the internet…

If you have any questions or problems send me a mail or post a comment!
I’ll help You… ;)

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[Eva Elafi] Hey, I have made six of this! Six swans! I’m proud of myself! :) I wanna thank you for this tutorial plus, I really liked the music, like I don’t need the video anymore because I know the process by heart by now, but I watch it just for the music. I searched for it. There seems to be no annalena. If it’s available anywhere, could you please send it to me? A link or something, I really have to find this song. :) 
[Alise Smilte] Stupid video
[mibdhaan hashim] its good bull shit
[marry ann] Thank you so much for this very helpful vid. :) Thanks for giving the exact numbers of the triangles as well haha! :D Super duper looking forward me doing it, thinking of recycling my old magazines :D 
[Ari-manualidades olivos del peñón] ¡Menudo trabajo!
[Ari-manualidades olivos del peñón] Muy bonito
[Lourdes Peña Castillo] Que bonitos trabajos no se podran traducir al espanol
[mibdhaan hashim] i dont know how to download it to my pc
2 - [Ashima Rai] It is super
[It's Just Maria] It really helps!
[Raegan Sparkles] This really wasn’t all that helpful. All you show are pictures. 
[Lindsay Gee] Thank you
[vishnu Namani] i love it
[Shreya Jain] I made this in 2 days
[karnath philipp] Dieses Video ist sehr gut beschrieben!!!!!!!!!! Danke und weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Alberto b] Bello complimenti…l’ho fatto anche io!!!
[TABITHA Dias] is it okay if some of my rectangles are bigger or smaller than the others?
[TABITHA Dias] how do you get the rectangles the same size?

Make a Origami Swan 3D

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