How to make the Origami Rose by Jo Nakashima

 Origami Rose

This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make the origami rose by Jo Nakashima and is the best gift for a loved one. Giving a rose that you have folded yourself is a gesture of pure love and devotion.
In the video you will see how to make a single rose with stems and leaves. To make it a bouquet, you will need to make several and tie them together with a rope, right along the base of the stem. Then wrap the stem in paper, and add a plastic wrapping as well if you prefer, and you should have your finished bouquet.
In my personal opinion, this is one of the easier roses to make, and takes hardly any effort or skills in origami. It also looks extremely beautiful. Have fun with the project
Obviously, a lovely glossy red paper will be very effective for the rose, but for a different take, why not try some cooler colours or patterns?
My paper: color set (any paper like copy paper and origami paper works well) 20cm x 20cm (rose) 4cm x 4cm (leaf) 4cm x 16cm (stem) NO Glue

1 - Autor: Jo Nakashima
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2013-02-14
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How to make an origami Rose (Nakashima Rose)
Designed by Jo Nakashima (12/ feb/ 2013)
Dedicated to Miyoko Sasaki

Difficulty level: intermediate (only one tricky step)

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If you think the rose is not very stable on top of the stem, try this:
http:/ / YrKcR

See also some great ideas with this rose:
http:/ / watch?v=brL5__1SLDE

My paper: color set (any paper like copy paper and origami paper works well)
20cm x 20cm (rose)
4cm x 4cm (leaf)
4cm x 16cm (stem)
NO Glue

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[mily valdez] wow quedo hermosa la flor y re facil de hacer :3 me mega encanto un super merecido like like like :3
[Yasmin Guadarrama] i messed up at 9:08 and so i made a paper ball ripped it and threw it in the trash car 
[veronica fernandez] Todo bien, me iba saliendo genial, hasta la parte que empezaste a armar la flor (para darle forma de rosa). La cuadricula la arme, y todo, osea una hora sentada que podria haber utilizado para otra cosa! Muy lindo todo, pero la verdad en el momento de la terminacion de la flor no se explico nada!….NADA MAS QUE DECIR :3 MG SI NO TE SALIO!
[jelmer douma] Im sitting here and i had about A FUCKIN 1000 OTHER TRIES AND IT STILL DOESN’T FUCKIN WORK. SO FUCK!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!
[Fabian Moya] Un consejo para el min 8:50, tomen la base cuadrada de la rosa(1×1) como si fuera el cuello de una copa o como tomando una pelota de pingpong, con eso e imaginando el ortoedro dentro van formando los petalos como una ola, comienzan con una esquina luego la cubren ese petalo con la otra esquina x3. Perdon si es que no explique mas claro, pero es un tanto dificil sin imagen ni video para ello. Espero les sirva. Saludos y suerte. 
[britney crafts] How to make a origami rose
[ryuisonline] stuck at pushing sides to fold all at the same time
[Jocsan Menjivar] After min 9 I was DEAD 
2 - [Silvia Romanato] È orrendo il video, non si leggono interamente i sottotitoli, c’è bisogno della voce visto che fai i passaggi correndo senza far vedere bene ho perso trent’anni della mia vita per ritrovarmi con niente in mano. Sei inutile
[xXNowhereXx] i couldn’t do it so i crumbled it up and threw it away and cried :’( i got so frustrated xD
[Franziska Reuter] Sorry, aber mit so einem leuchtenden Blatt das komplett einfarbig ist – ich sehe so gut wie keinen falts. Keine kante, nichts. Schade, hätte die Rose gerne gemacht!
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[Tayla Whitfield] Not bad Mr nakashima but can you fold the same piece of paper in half more than eight times why whistling my old mans a dust man
[David Oyemade] terrible too hard dislike video
[Beatriz Elena Hidalgo Vinasco] Me encantan todas las figuras lo felicito algunas las ago otras son un poco complicadas pero no imposibkes 
[marga piris] Presioso todo felicidades 
[Vicol Dumitru] Foarte Frumos și plăcut să poți să faci așa ceva.

How to make the Origami Rose by Jo Nakashima

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