How to fold the Origami Fiery Dragon


Origami fiery dragon instructions

. Here are the step-by-step video instructions for Kade Chan’s awesome Origami Fiery Dragon. Kade recommends using 30 by 30 cm (roughly 12 inches) paper for folding this dragon.
Remember that this is an ADVANCED origami dragon and takes considerable skill to fold. You might not be at that folding level as yet but carry on practising by going back to either the Easy Origami Section or the Intermediate Origami Section on this page. One day you’ll be able to fold something this cool.

How to fold Here!
Option 1. Video Tutorial.

Option 2. If you want an origami diagram for this dragon then do visit Kade’s own blog post on the Fiery Dragon where he offers a way to get the diagram in pdf format. Instructions, how to fold and Diagram: Click Here!

1 - Autor: Kade Chan
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-10-24

Origami Fiery Dragon 摺紙噴火龍
Designed by : Kade Chan 2008`

Diagram download here :
http:/ / 2012/ 03/ fiery-dragon-instructions-videos.html


[Teguh Hebat] This is nice origami
[hideaki mukai] 作るのに普通に一時間かかったぜ・・・
[TheOrigamiGamer] The paper he is using looks like gold tissue foil paper. There are many types of paper, you can even use copy paper for some of the simpler stuff, definitely not this though. I would recommend tissue foil paper for this model at least 30cm x 30cm or 11in x 11in. Hope this helps.
[Tri Edge] YES!!!!! I DID NOT MAKE IT!
[Robert Huaman Meza] io me suscribo si tu te suscribes al mio
[Scarlett Mae Johnson] 2 People made a pile of shit.
[luadamariana70] Too fast! Slow down a little bit! :-\
[camus6363] Please can you help me?, what kind of paper use?
[carolinexxcaroline] What kind of paper is this? Takes clean and nice folds.
2 - [Vishal Sharma] I love origamiiiiiiiiiii
[hjekydell] I just love all of your oragami and I wish I can meet you I’m serious
[logandra98] whoah much more easier than I first thought !
[TechnicZAR Minecraft] jajaja, i did the same :P i hated me so much :P
[John Carlo Panganiban] GOT A NEW SUBCRIBER :D
[sewgoodcandy] martin ma is awsome
[Caleb C] did it w/ homemade paper
[Lenilda Almeida] eu n entendo nada q vcs fala
[Edimilson Jr] Tks :)
[Agamjyot Singh] belive it or not

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